Portraits / Corporate Head shots

Professional head shots are very important for your company’s image and look. But a portrait isn’t just for a businesses. Having photos of your employees, a picture of your building or restaurant can help your customers feel more connected to you. In this day and age, with people using technology more, it is nice to feel connected to people and get to know who you are working with. When people look up your website, show off your amazing staff with great photos that show them off. Let the photos tell your story and let people get to know you and your staff without having to leave home. Portraits don’t have to be the old boring photos they used to be, you can have a lot of fun with them. We like to make our portraits show off the personality of the person who is getting their photo taken. If your office is large or you don’t want to disrupt your working day, we will come to your office and set up our equipment there. This way you do not have any downtime and your employees only have to be away from their desks/offices for a short time. If you are having a company event, we can come and take photos of your event with a photo booth, drone or traditional still photos. Call or email us and we can give you a quote today. See some samples here: Portraits/People link here