Food Photography

Your food is your business and photography is ours. Our food photography can make something look so delectable that your customer’s mouths will water when they see what your restaurant is serving as they look at the amazing menu. You want your photos to look like the dishes you are serving and we can help you make a great impression and leave your customers happy and satisfied.

Most of life’s greatest moments and memories all involve food. Food is a way to bring people together for many reasons. It could be a wedding, new baby, family reunion, it doesn’t matter what it is, there is usually food involved. When you think back to your childhood family events, do you remember what you said or what was for the dinner? Do you remember making cookies as a kid with your parents, or with friends when you were old enough to use the oven? When you see photos of food, you want it to look good enough to eat the photo and bring back those memories.

If you have a restaurant or food business you know how important it is to make sure the food looks realistic and good enough to eat. If your menu has great photos, it makes it easier to sell your food. Most people will order from the photos rather than from descriptions on a page.So if your food photos are not good, your sales may not be as good as they could be. Let M-Buck Studio help you showcase your culinary delights to your customers. We work closely with your culinary team to help create the best visuals of your amazing chefs and meals. We have been doing food photography in Grand Rapids for over 23 years and it is still one of our favorite things to photograph. We have worked with many amazing chefs and restaurants and hotels in and around the Midwest. Some of our clients include The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck, Leo’s, 616 in the J.W. Marriott, Bagger Dave’s, Cygnus 27,The Chop House, Meritage Hospitality Group and many others. checkout some samples here: See Food samples here